We own and operate a number of professional mobile trailer stages. These trailer stages are 6m wide by 5m deep and 3.5m high with a stage height of 1m from the ground. The stage floor has an area of 24sq meters. As we own several of these stage we can supply multiple hires on the same day! These stages are our most popular stage type for small to medium sized shows. The 6×5 stage can be used for outdoor shows, festivals and outdoor events.

PLEASE NOTE: PA wings DO NOT come as standard. If you would like us to include the PA/Advertising wings to the side of the stage, please let us know when making a booking. PA wings are charged as extra.


Technical data
Type of roof standard
Dimensions as a stage 6,0 m x 5,0 m x 4,5 m
Dimensions as a trailer 7,4 m x 2,45 m x 3,6 m
Permitted total weight 2500 kg
Stage floor area 24 m2  
Height of stage floor 1,0 – 1,3 m
Stage floor slip proof, weather proof
Roof capacity 30 kg – uniformly on front and back part of the roof (the end tube)
240 kg – uniformly on front and back part of the roof (the middle tube)
420 kg – uniformly on the middle part of the roof
Floor capacity 3,5 kN/m2 (ok.350 kg/m2)
Quadrosystem front pillars load capacity 50 kg
Flying Towers load capacity 250 kg (in the middle point)
Max. wind speed Wind zone 1 – 3 excepting the 5 km wide coastal areas and the islands of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea:. max 17.8 m/s with the back and sides cover and max 30 m/s without cover
Max. thickness of snow on the roof Mobile stages should be used only in periods in which there is no snow, unless the snow is effectively removed, e.g. by installing the appropriate heating devices
Canopy PCV certified material (flame resistant)
Scrim A203 (black)
Installation time 90 min (2 people)


Additional accessories and options – Flying towers 2000cm wide by 3500cm tall each side

– Stage extensions for the front or back