Stage Events can provide a large 6m wide by 5m deep professional OUTDOOR TRAILER STAGE with fully trained and professional staff who will setup and clear away at the end of the event. The staff will advise on the best location for that stage to be positioned for access and safety. Trailer stages have huge benefits over built up outdoor sectional stages! Our large trailer stage can be setup within 60 minutes on site by our staff and packed away in 60 minutes once everything is off the stage. The large Mobile stage looks impressive and makes a great centre piece and focal point to any event. The stage roof is not a cheap inflatable! The stage is made from the same material as a ribbed boat and is inflated via two built in air compressor that shut off once the canopy has reached optimum pressure. The stage is then silent for the rest of the event.

LIGHTING PACKAGE: Stage Events can supply Band Lighting and special effects for the stage such as smoke, snow and confetti. Please ask for prices and different options.